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  • The Tiburon Peninsula Chamber of Commerce is pleased announce the recipients of the COVID-19 Small Business Grants.   We appreciate these incredibly challenging times for our small business community and hope that these funds will offer support.   

    Tiburon Wellness Center

    1640 Tiburon Boulevard


    “Thank you for assisting us in continuing to serve the community we have been healing for over 34 years!” The Tiburon Wellness Center will be using the funds for operating expenses.


    Oasis PT & Aquatics

    1 Blackfield Drive



    Jeff Harband, the Owner and Director of Oasis PT & Aquatics will be using the funds to pay rent and utilities, as well as continuing to pay their cleaning service.

    "While we are fortunate to be allowed to remain open as an essential service, our caseload, understandably, is only about 25% of normal.  We continue to take every precaution to maintain the health and safety of all of our patients, following CDC protocols for appropriate distancing and cleaning procedures."




    The Local Spicery

    80 Main Street on Ark Row


    (415) 435-1100

    “Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce and the Belvedere/Tiburon Community for this generous grant” We will be using the funds to gradually reopen our Ark Row store, beginning with curbside-pickup by appointment Saturdays.

    Place your order at www.localspicery.com, and use coupon code "Tiburon Pickup" to avoid shipping charges


    The Local Spicery will be using this grant exclusively to fund the reopening of their Tiburon Store following our Business Resumption Plan, specifically:

    • Purchase of a hand sanitizing station,
    • Purchase of EPA-certified hospital grade hand sanitizer,
    • Purchase of single-use face masks for customer use
    • Other costs associated with a gradual re-opening, including labor, marketing and protection of the public health



    Ark Row Kids

    122 Main Street


    “Thank you! The funds will help me to avoid closing Ark Row Kids until the county allow me to reopen.” The funds will be used to partially pay rent and payroll.




    Ruth Livingston Studio

    74 Main Street


    “On our 40th Anniversary, of providing Excellence in Design in Tiburon, I would like to thank the Chamber Board and our local community for your past support, and most importantly, for helping us help the town as a vibrant business destination moving forward. Your support will be critical to our survival & that of our charming downtown.”

    Ruth will be using the funds for a portion of the COVID-19 related operating expenses including signage outside, masks, sanitizers for customers & employees use & online communications specific to the upcoming safe reopening.



    Maria French Dry Cleaners located at 1630 Tiburon Boulevard will be using the grant to pay rent.


      Diana’s of Tiburon loves being Tiburon’s One Stop  Shopping Place located 1550 Tiburon Boulevard in the Boardwalk Shopping Center.

    “I would like to thank the Tiburon Chamber of Commerce and all the contributors that provided this generous gift to Diana’s of Tiburon.  It means so much to me to be able to serve the Tiburon Community.  Diana’s has been open for 25 years now.  The people in this town are more than customers to me and my staff.  You are all our friends and extended family.  It’s been a frustrating and scary time for all of us.  I am looking forward to seeing each of you again soon.  I am very proud and grateful that the Tiburon Peninsula has been so supportive and loyal to Diana’s of Tiburon for all these years. I look forward to being able to continue to resume business and provide gifts, toys and smiles to all the Tiburon residents. Thank you again for your generosity!”


    Ella Lafay

    80 Main Street, Suite D

    Ark Row



    “Thank you community look forward to seeing you in the future!“The grant funds will go towards store rent, utilities and payroll.  Your shopping wish come true! With Any purchase $300 or more, receive a new fashion face mask. For Locals, coupon code: Local



    Eva Claiborne

    86 B Main Street on Ark Row



    Eva Claiborne and Keith Bartel will be using the funds for June rent and utilities

    “We are very grateful for the kindness,  support and generosity from the Town,  the community,  Zelinsky Properties,  and the Chamber of Commerce,  thank you so much.  It is heartwarming to know that so many people care about keeping small businesses alive during this challenging time.  We are proud to have our businesses in Tiburon for 25 years.”

    - Eva Claiborne and Keith Bartel 


    Keith Bartel

    86 A Main Street on Ark Row




    10 Main Street



    "We are super grateful and feel extremely blessed to be, not only Tiburon residents, but also to be a part of the small business community in Tiburon. Witnessing how Tiburon has come together to share love and to give hope to our small business community has been delightful. I am particularly jazzed by DeAnn Biss’s creativity, resilience and upbeat stewardship during during this calamity. Go Tiburon!”

    Yema will be using the funds for rent and utilities.






           Tiburon Nails

           1799 Tiburon Boulevard





    Tiburon Nails will use the money to pay rent, resupply equipment and cleaning supplies.


    “Even through the toughest of times; the love, support and sense of community here in Tiburon is absolutely remarkable. Thank you!”





    The Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society

    1550 Tiburon Boulevard, Suite M



    The Belvedere Tiburon Landmarks Society will be using the funds for maintenance and operations for the Railroad & Ferry Depot Museum, China Cabin, the Landmarks Art & Garden Center, Old St. Hilary's Chapel and our Historic Archives.

    “We are grateful for the support of the Tiburon Chamber of Commerce and the community with this generous and critical grant! The Landmarks Society's mission is to acquire, preserve and maintain artifacts, landmarks, and open space of local historic significance and share them with the public. Our historic buildings bring 13,000 + visitors to the Tiburon Peninsula every year. In addition we host 50 - 60 wedding celebrations annually at our historic venues. We look forward to reopening and continuing to share our beautiful spaces and unique history soon.”

    Please check out the virtual content on our website www.landmarkssociety.com. We have newsletters, history articles and videos - hours of enjoyable content.


    Tiburon Dental

    1690 Tiburon Boulevard



    "After 20 years of practicing here in Tiburon, the people and Town continue to amaze me with their kindness and generosity.”

    Tiburon Dental will be using the money for rent and utilities.


    Firon Fitness Pilates Studio

    78 Main Street on Lower Ark Row



    "I am so grateful to be a recipient of the COVID-19 Small Business Grant. These funds will be extremely helpful for my business during this difficult time. Thank you to the Tiburon Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Tiburon, the County of Marin and those who contributed to the GoFundMe campaign, through your hard work and donations, you show the value of our local small businesses to the community. Let's come out of this stronger together! Thank you!”

    Firon Fitness will be using the funds to pay rent and utilities.



    Celia Futch, O.D.

    Enlighten Optometry

    (415) 488-5068

    21 Main Street, Ste A



    Thank you so much for your efforts, to the town, and to all who donated.” Enlighten Optometry will be using the funds for rent.


    Tiburon Spa

    1550 Tiburon Blvd, Suite C



    “Hopefully, we will be able to continue business gradually and look forward to the support of the Tiburon/ Belvedere Community!!!”  The Tiburon Spa will be using the funds to pay rent and utilities.










    Cindy’s Hair Studio

    1640 Tiburon Boulevard, Suite 12

    (415) 435-1903


    “I cannot even begin to put into words how grateful I am to receive the Tiburon Peninsula Covid-19  Small Business grant. This generous donation will help tremendously to ease the stress from this unexpected hardship. A special thank you to our wonderful chamber leader, DeAnn Biss, for continuing to support Tiburon’s small business and thank you to all the generous people who donated.”

    -Cindy Siciliano, Owner

    Cindy will be using the funds to pay rent.


    Candy Store on Main

    7 Main Street


    “From all of us at the Candy Store, we want to Thank the incredible support of our beloved town of Tiburon. We send prayers for all those who are serving our community to keep us safe, from the amazing paramedics, firefighters, nurses and beyond. Through 23 years of Sweet service we are proud to be a part of your lives, nostalgic memories and future joy.”  The Candy Store will be using the funds for payroll and rent.










    Margarita Cosmetics

    1640 Tiburon Boulevard




     Margarita will be using the funds to pay bills, utilities, payroll.  “ I am so thankful for help! Let’s stay strong!!!”

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