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  • Angel Island Ferry

  • Family owned and operated since 1959, the Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry Company has a rich local history.

    When the railroad came to Tiburon, so did Samuel McDonogh, when he opened McDonogh’s Chowder Boarding House. Here he catered to both visitors and railroad workers. Sam married and had four children, one of whom was Sam McDonogh II. McDonogh II started a launch rental where he transported supplies and personnel for the military stationed on Angel Island. At one point, he was the only civilian authorized to go to Angel Island.

    The locals fondly referred to him as “Sammy the Skiffman.” Sam also took vacationers who arrived in Tiburon by train or ferry on fishing excursions. For $0.25 you would receive bait, tackle, and be towed to the fishing grounds. He also ran the marine shuttle service between the two towers of the Golden Gate Bridge when it was under construction.

    Today,  Samuel’s great grand daughter, Maggie McDonogh, is at the helm of the Angel Island Ferry Company.  Board one of Captain Maggie’s 3 vessels for:

    • Sunset Cruise
    • Alcatraz / Golden Gate Bridge Narrated Cruise
    • Fleet Week Cruise
    • Whale Watching
    • Fireworks Cruise
    • Angel Island Cruise


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