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    When Yema Khalif – the co-owner of a new Main Street clothing store named YEMA – was a kid growing up in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya, he had two dreams: to be in a movie and to go to a university. He got his chance for both wishes to come true when the Danish movie, “Lost in Africa`” was filmed in Kibera, staring actress Connie Nielsen – who lives in Tiburon.

    When his six children were growing up, the President and CEO of Earth PBC (Public Benefit Corporation) Andrew Dudley set an example for them by being arrested and put in jail a number of times. His charge: disturbing the peace by protesting deforestation in the jungles of the world.

    Meet the Chamber Team: Ronnie Sharpe, Zohre Grothe, Katie Spawn and Diane Smith.

    The long-awaited Belvedere Tiburon Library expansion is underway! An effort that began over a decade ago has finally become a reality: the construction fence is up, earth movers are on site and the long-anticipated plans are being put into action.

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