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  • Musette Atelier opened on Ark Row

    Musette Atelier opened on Ark Row

    Musette Atelier is the new wine and art store, now open at 72 Main Street, in the green building that sits at the beginning of Ark Row.


    Owners are Jonathan and Shiloh Sophia McCloud, a husband and wife team. Jonathan is the company’s tech guy who is also a winemaker. Shiloh is an artist who also teaches her healing method to students from around the world.


    The business gets its name from the Latin “Musea” meaning multiple museums, so the word “Musette” is just a small part of a their many endeavors.


    The pair plans to offer light cuisine and wine in their shop’s two levels. The downstairs room has comfortable furniture and is set up for private events.


    Upstairs, in the main room, Musette sells cards, journals, gift items and art supplies. Customers can sit outside at small tables and enjoy their glasses of wine outdoors. Musette also offers membership in a wine club, with quarterly shipments selected from its own cellars.


    Married in 2014, Jonathan and Shiloh now own and run a 6,500-square-foot campus in Sonoma where they teach Shiloh’s artistic movement and method that she named, “Intentional Creativity” which informs students that intentions effect outcomes when creating.


    Shiloh teaches this method as a healing modality for women and girls post-trauma at the United Nations each year in March at the Conference on the Status of Women.


    A third generation Marinite, Shiloh, grew up in Sonoma. Her grandmother, Helen Davis, was registrar at the College of Marin for many years. Shiloh has been an artist most of her life and has been ranked in the top 10 female painter earnings in the U.S. for more than a decade.


    Jonathan grew up on in West Virginia and joined the U.S. Air Force out of high school. He was discharged eight years later after being injured in the line of duty.


    He became a sous chef, then a chef, and eventually bought and managed three restaurants in Dallas, Texas. He then sold these and became a partner in two Las Vegas restaurants. Over the years, he has been a clothing manufacturer and owned a hospitality business, a candy factory and a specialty food import business.


    In the late 2000s, he left his previous businesses behind to immerse himself in art and teaching, joining Shiloh in her studio full-time. He now runs the technology side of Musette, which includes over 800-hours of live television each year and thousands of hours of recorded content, a mobile app for students and a global web presence with large markets in Scandinavia and Australia.


    The couple trains teachers in Shiloh’s methods who then work privately in Copenhagen, Mexico City and Queensland, Australia. On the Sonoma property is also a broadcasting studio and a commercial kitchen. In addition, the couple also owns property in Mendocino County that serves as an extension campus.


    As an Advanced Sommelier, it was natural for Jonathan to become a winemaker after he and Shiloh bought land with a vineyard with estate grapes as part of the new Musea campus in Sonoma.


    “These wines are handmade, superbly crafted art,” Jonathan says, “and I am very proud to offer them here, especially the ones with our first label on them – Shiloh’s own design.”


    Musette is at 72 Main Street. Open Wednesday through Sunday, 12 noon to 8 p.m. Phone: 415-937-5434. Fax: 888-385-6866.

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