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    About Us

    Dr. Nancy Cappelloni is an Educational Consultant, working with children ages four through twelve and their families, addressing their children’s learning concerns, challenges, and supporting their academic success. Her unique area of expertise is in the area of Kindergarten Readiness. She published the book, Kindergarten Readiness, (2013, Corwin Press).

    Dr. Cappelloni works with families seeking support in finding the “right fit” private schools for their children. She works with students in middle and high school writing, particularly writing private high school and college admission essays.

    Dr. Cappelloni holds a BA degree in Art History, a MA degree in Movement/Dance, a California Teaching Credential, a California Community College Teaching Credential, an Early Childhood Education Administrative Credential, and a Doctorate of Education.

    Dr. Cappelloni advocates for young children. She encourages excellence through research-based teaching practices and developmentally appropriate curriculum. Her unique style of consulting addresses the individual needs--academic, social, and emotional--of each child.