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    If you are looking for a family activity over Thanksgiving break, you may want to take a walk on the Tiburon Ridge Trail.

    One of the most precious spaces in Tiburon is the Middle Ridge at Gilmartin.  Middle Ridge is a serpentine outcrop and home to many endangered wildflowers including the Tiburon Jewel flower, the Tiburon Paintbrush and the Marin Dwarf Flax. These plants have adapted over millions of years to living on magnesium and heavy metals. The Ridge is the result of a plate being sub-ducted under California and disappearing forever leaving only the serpentine.  The flowers won’t be in bloom when you visit but you can appreciate the geology.  Make a note to come back in spring to see these rare plants before they disappear.  Did you know Marin County is one of only 10 Diversity Hotspots in the World? Plate tectonics makes Tiburon unique and beautiful.

    Start the trail at Avenida Miraflores and enter the Middle Ridge Open Space. Please stay on the Fire Road and keep dogs leashed.  You can go down to the Hippy Tree or go straight to Gilmartin. Follow the Ridge Trail signs through the neighborhood. If you feel adventurous, you can do the stairs on Sugarloaf. The Ridge Trail connects to Old St. Hilary Open Space.